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Unleash the Legend: BOKI Racing's 22T 1.0 Truck Body Set - Pure Racing Heritage Returns!

Updated: Sep 20, 2023


Salt Lake City, Utah | Sept. 9, 2023 - In a move that's set to revitalize the world of RC truck racing, BOKI Racing is thrilled to announce the release of their latest masterpiece, the 22T 1.0 Truck Body. This exceptional body is more than just an upgrade – it's a tribute to the heritage of RC racing, offering a seamless fit and uncompromising performance. Carefully recreated with BOKI engineering gives rebirth to all 22T 1.0 trucks, this new release promises to restore and guarantee the ultimate box art restoration with 2023 highest quality Lexan, and window masks.

BOKI Racing 22T 1.0

When it comes to RC racing, vintage RC enthusiasts demand the very best in performance and aesthetics. BOKI Racing, renowned for their commitment to restoration and quality, has listened to the community and responded with the 2023 BOKI Racing 22T 1.0 Truck Body.

Key Features of the 22T 1.0 Truck Body:

1. Authenticity Unleashed: The 22T 1.0 Truck Body is a genuine representation of the original design, ensuring an authentic fit and finish. It's like rediscovering the thrill of your very first race.

2. Perfect Fit, Every Time: This body is a BOKI engineered replica to fit your 22T 1.0 truck exactly how the original body did. No modifications are needed; just paint, cut, install, and you're ready to hit the office museum or take that shelf-princess to the track.

3. Durable Design: Crafted from high-quality Lexan, the 22T 1.0 Truck Body is built to withstand the rigors of competitive racing. It's ready for all the bumps, jumps, and crashes that come with the territory.

4. Aerodynamic Excellence: The sleek design of the body isn't just for show. It's been optimized for superior aerodynamics, giving you an edge on the track.

5. Customization: Express your unique style with the option to paint the body in your team's colors, favorite LOSI driver, box art or your personal design.

6. Race-Tested: The 22T 1.0 Truck Body has been rigorously tested by BOKI Racing's team of professional racers to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and durability.

7. Easy Installation: Designed with the user in mind, this body is easy to mask, paint and install, saving you time and effort so you can get back to what you love – your 22 1.0 Truck!

BOKI Racing understands the passion that drives RC enthusiasts, and that's why they've spared no effort in delivering a product that exceeds expectations. Whether you're a seasoned racer or just getting started in the world of RC racing, the 22T 1.0 Truck was a massive change to the LOSI truck line. Bringing it back to life and to the track is the ultimate expression of a racer.

"As RC racing enthusiasts ourselves, we know that every detail counts when it comes to quality. The 22T 1.0 Truck Body is a testament to our commitment to vintage racing and authenticity," said Paul "Professor" Hatfield, Partner and Head of Production, spokesperson for BOKI Racing. "We're proud to offer this product, which allows racers to relive the original magic of LOSI's 22T 1.0 truck with a body that fits like a glove and performs like a champion."

The 22T 1.0 Truck Body is now available for purchase on BOKI Racing's official website. Dealer inquiries welcome.

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