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Nitro-Powered Bliss: Restore Your TL XXXT-NT with BOKI Racing


Salt Lake City, UT, USA | Dec. 12, 2023 - BOKI Racing, a growing force in the world of vintage RC restoration and upgrades, proudly introduces the BOKI Racing XXXT-NT Body Kit, designed specifically for the TL XXXT-NT truck kit. This latest offering promises an unparalleled fit and OEM spec for enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in RC body restoration.

Crafted from .030 lexan, the XXXT-NT Body Kit ensures a seamless fit identical to the original A-8027 Fury-NT body. BOKI Racing guarantees that no other aftermarket body will match the precision and snug fit provided by this meticulously crafted kit. From its durability to its exact fitment, this body promises to elevate the experience of every RC hobbyist.

The body kit arrives as an uncut, unpainted body accompanied by window masks, allowing users the freedom to personalize their RC trucks according to their preferences. Whether seeking a unique color scheme, custom design, or personalized decals, this kit offers a blank canvas for creativity.

"Nitro enthusiasts have long awaited a true OEM body kit that not only replicates the original A-8027 Fury-NT body but surpasses it in quality and fitment. Our XXXT-NT Body Kit fulfills that need, ensuring a perfect fit and top-tier durability for the Team Losi XXXT-NT truck kit," expressed Jeremy Bowcut, Managing Director from BOKI Racing.

The Losi XXX-NT (8027) was one of Losi's most popular nitro-powered radio-controlled (RC) trucks ever produced. These models were well-known for their racing pedigree, durability, attracting nitro RC enthusiasts for years.

Introduced in the early 2000s, the XXX-NT was part of Losi's XXX series, renowned for its performance in competitive racing. The XXX-NT was specifically designed for nitro off-road racing and featured a durable chassis, a powerful engine, robust suspension, and this unique profile body set, making it a popular choice if not the choice among then and now RC racers and enthusiasts.

Dealer inquiries welcome.

About BOKI Racing:

BOKI Racing is a leading name in the world of vintage RC racing, dedicated to serving the vintage RC community with top-quality products and unmatched customer service. With a passion for preserving the spirit of vintage RC racing, BOKI Racing continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the industry.

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