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BOKI Racing Engineering Company’s BOKI RC18MT Body is here!  Enjoy BOKI Racing’s high quality aftermarket shells Made in the USA are accurately reproduced to our highest specifications. (Please compare with OEM RC18MT Team Associated #21075 no longer in production)


All of our body sets include a clear, unpainted and uncut body set with precut window masks and paint masking on the outside of each shell.  We only use the highest quality .030 clear lexan.


BOKI Racing has a full line up of the original and option body sets for the RC18 street and off-road chassis we all loved and raced.  With this product you are ready to bring your old favorite or collection piece back to life.  We also produce a large selection of out of production wings, wing wire, shock seals and gear covers. Check out our other listings or visit the BOKI website for our full catalog of vintage and original r/c products.


**Shipping is fast via UPS or First Class USPS.**


**100% satisfaction guaranteed.**


**All multiple item orders are combined and duplicate shipping is refunded automatically.**


SKU: BR-0090
  • Our reproduction of the OEM shell includes a better fit and higher quality Lexan.  Unlike the original, we include precision window masks and protective film for painting. Only the highest quality .030 Lexan is used with our reproduction body shells.  Decals not included. 

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