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BOKI Racing factory second bodies are perfect for those who are on a budget, need something to go scrape up on the pavement or looking to perfect their air brush skills. All factory second bodies will have a few flaws, see the pictures and the details for each body type.

Need to bulk order some bodies? Reach out to us!

Details of flaws by model:

Viper - Small amount of crumple near the body line  near the rear shocks. 


Protech II 



BOKI Factory Second RC10 Buggy - Viper/Mirage/Protech

SKU: BR-0226
  • Body kits include a clear, uncut, unpainted body with window masks and paint overspray masking. 

    See the pictures by body type for the defects on the currently available bodies.

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    All multiple item orders are combined and we refund duplicate shipping.

    Condition is "New".

    Shipped with USPS First Class or UPS

  • BOKI Racing takes pride in our commitment to quality and consistency. However, it is important to note that variations do occur during the thermoforming process, resulting in the final product not achieving a perfectly uniform thickness. While we strive for excellence in manufacturing, slight deviations in thickness are inherent to thermoforming and should be expected. Rest assured, these variations do not compromise the integrity or performance of the product and fall within acceptable industry tolerances. And in some cases, the thinner bodies were preferred for performance and mimic the OEM product.  Thank you for choosing BOKI Racing, where quality and performance are paramount. 

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