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Team Associated RC10 and BOKI Racing

Updated: May 23, 2023

The Team Associated RC10 buggy is a legendary 1/10 scale radio-controlled off-road car that has played a significant role in the development of modern RC car racing. Some might even go as far to say it all begins with the gold RC10 tub chassis.

BOKI Racing has enjoyed playing a very small role in the revival of this historic and legendary chassis. Our bodies and wings are optimized to improve fit and form. The selection of all the various RC10 stock and options bodies and wings are in our catalog.

Here's a little history of the buggy, its racing pedigree, kit variations, parts list and championships.


The RC10 was first introduced in 1984 by Team Associated, an American company founded by Roger Curtis and Gene Husting. The buggy was designed by engineer Mike Reedy and driver Cliff Lett, who both had extensive experience in RC car racing.

Check out these incredible archive photos:

The RC10 featured a lightweight aluminum chassis, four-wheel independent suspension, and a rear-mounted motor and transmission. The car's design was based on Lett's personal off-road racer, which had won multiple national championships.

The RC10 quickly became popular among RC car racers, winning numerous races and championships. It also set new standards for durability, performance, and customizability in the RC car industry.

Racing Pedigree:

The RC10 has a long and impressive racing pedigree, with notable victories including:

  • 1985 IFMAR 1/10 Off-Road Worlds in California USA won by Jay Halsey

  • 1987 ROAR Off-Road Nats in Georgia USA - 2WD Open won by Don Jones

  • 1993 IFMAR 1/10 Off-Road Worlds in Basildon UK won by Brian Kinwald

Note: 1989 and 1991 IFMAR Worlds won by Masami with prototype RC10 graphite non-production cars.

Kit Variations:

The RC10 has gone through several kit variations over the years, including:

  • RC10 (1984-1987): The original RC10 kit featured a gold-anodized aluminum chassis, plastic suspension arms, and a rear-mounted motor and transmission.

  • RC10T (1991-1995): The RC10T was a truck version of the RC10, with longer suspension arms and a wider track.

  • RC10B2 (1995-1999): The RC10B2 featured an updated chassis design, with a longer wheelbase and improved suspension geometry.

  • RC10B3 (1999-2003): The RC10B3 was an updated version of the B2, with further improvements to the chassis and suspension.

  • RC10B4 (2003-2012): The RC10B4 featured a new chassis design, with a lower center of gravity and improved weight distribution.

  • RC10B6 (2016-2020): The RC10B6 was the most recent buggy kit released by Team Associated, featuring a new, more advanced chassis design.

Resurgence in Popularity:

In recent years, the RC10 has experienced a resurgence in popularity among RC car enthusiasts, particularly among those who are interested in restoring vintage RC cars to their original box art perfection. This has led to BOKI Racing Engineering to provide an upgraded aftermarket version of the original RC10 body options, wings, a more precise gear cover and parts.

Parts List:

Some of the most popular replacement and upgraded parts for the RC10 include:

  • BOKI Racing Protech, Protech II, Viper and Mirage body sets.

  • BOKI Racing RC10 Wings, wing wire and buttons.

  • BOKI Racing RC10 shock seal sets.

  • Ball bearings: Upgrading to high-quality ball bearings can improve the car's speed and performance.

  • Aluminum shock caps: Replacing the stock plastic shock caps with aluminum ones can improve shock performance and durability.

  • Carbon fiber shock towers: Upgrading to carbon fiber shock towers can reduce weight and improve the car's handling.

  • Titanium turnbuckles: Replacing the stock turnbuckles with titanium ones can reduce weight


The RC10 has won numerous national and international championships over the years, including:

  • 11 IFMAR 1/10 Off-Road World Championships

  • 5 ROAR National Championships

  • 2 EFRA European Championships

  • 2 JMRCA Japanese National Championships

Important Links:

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