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Rick Mears and Desert Racing

Hello vintage racers!

It's been a wild year at BOKI Racing as we've been chasing perfection in our not-so-secret laboratory. We all love these cars and want to see them restored, in many cases on the track, and looking better than ever. Thank you for supporting us on, eBay and sending messages of encouragement!

Our family did a massive road trip across the United States this last July. We made a pit stop at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A Ferrari Challenge practice session was filling turns 2 and 3 of the oval with sweet sounds of angry Pirelli's searching for grip, carbon brakes crying Uncle, and a V12 you could go to sleep to growling from the visible apexes. A nice little orchestra to greet us as we headed to the museum for some air conditioning!

Inside the museum we found an entire display of Rick Mears cars, all lovingly restored to showroom quality. His love for off-road dessert racing was on full display. Seeing the cars in museum quality as if they were fresh out of the Mears garage reminded me why we chase perfection. Something deep down in our racing / hobby DNA that makes us happy. Whatever that feeling is, whatever the drive is, all these cars take us to that place the minute we lay our eyes on them.

We would love to see your projects on Facebook or Instagram. Tell your friends and tag us #bokiracing or @bokiracing in your projects and posts so we can share on our social channels too. Thanks again for being great customers. We will continue to expand our product line as we chase perfection.

As always, drive recklessly*,

BOKI Racing

*only on the track please

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