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BOKI Racing Unveils RC10 Concept Body Set: A Nostalgic Nod to Team A&L


Salt Lake City, August 4, 2023 – BOKI Racing Engineering Co., a leading name in the vintage RC racing scene, is thrilled to unveil its latest product, the BOKI Racing RC10 Concept Body Set (BR-0120) with window masks. This release pays homage to the visionary designer Chris Allec of Team A&L and breathes new life into the iconic Team A&L 9510 mould. This 2023 addition blends innovation with nostalgia, making it a must-have for RC enthusiasts.

Crafted using the original A&L 9510 mould, the BOKI Racing RC10 Concept body celebrates Chris Allec's timeless design. This body set, renowned for its iconic silhouette, seamlessly fits with original RC10 buggy kits, offering versatility and excitement to RC enthusiasts.

"Reviving the A&L RC10 Concept Body Set is a celebration of the passion and dedication that define our racing community," expressed Jeremy Bowcut, Partner and Managing Director at BOKI Racing Engineering Co. "We are delighted to reintroduce this exclusive design, ensuring enthusiasts can relive the golden era of RC racing with 2023 Lexan of the highest quality."

This new offering captures the passion of RC10 racing enthusiasts, combining the thrill of the past with modern precision. The All-New BOKI Racing RC10 Concept Body Set reflects the team's commitment to quality and authenticity.

BOKI Racing Engineering Co. invites you to "Rediscover the Past, Race into the Future" with the BOKI Racing RC10 Concept Body Set, a unique addition to the RC10 lineup. This release embodies the timelessness and innovation of RC racing from this explosive era in RC.

The BOKI Racing RC10 Concept Body Set with window masks is now available for purchase. Enthusiasts can order it directly from BOKI Racing Engineering Co.'s official website

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About BOKI Racing Engineering Co.

BOKI Racing Engineering Co. is a prominent force in the world of vintage RC collectors and vintage RC racing, renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation. With a passion for elevating the standards of performance and design restoration, the company consistently delivers high-quality products tailored to the needs of RC enthusiasts. From aftermarket body kits to original body kits and cutting-edge accessories, BOKI Racing Engineering Co. continues to redefine the vintage restoration RC racing experience. Connect with BOKI Racing Engineering Co. on social media platforms and explore their product range on their official website.

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