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BOKI Racing Unveils for the GT12 Circuit the E-2000 B-Type BMW 1/12 Body: Racing Pedigree Perfected


SLC, UT, USA | Dec. 20, 2023 – BOKI Racing, the leading resource of vintage RC racing body sets, proudly presents the latest jewel in its crown of engineering marvels: the E-2000 B-Type BMW 1/12 Body! Melding the essence of racing heritage with unparalleled craftsmanship, this body kit redefines precision, detail, and performance in the world of beloved racing cars.. the BMW E36 to excite the GT12 circuit.

Crafted to exacting standards, the E-2000 B-Type BMW 1/12 Body stands as a testament to BOKI Racing's unwavering commitment to excellence. Engineered to fit seamlessly and precisely like the original bodies, this masterpiece promises enthusiasts an unparalleled experience on the 1:12 GT racing circuit.

The kit includes a clear, uncut, and unpainted body, meticulously designed to mirror the intricate details of its full-scale racing E36 counterpart. With provided window masks and paint masking, and the all important wing, allows enthusiasts have the canvas to unleash their creativity and personalize their racing machine, ensuring a unique and striking appearance on the track.

Paul Hatfield, Director of Operations, BOKI Racing, expresses his excitement about the E-2000 B-Type BMW 1/12 Body, stating, “This body kit represents the culmination of our dedication to detail and precision engineering. Who doesn't love the Beemer in racing trim? It fits flawlessly, preserving the essence of the original design while offering enthusiasts the freedom to stand out on the GT12 circuit.”

The E-2000 B-Type BMW 1/12 Body is a pristine, new offering from BOKI Racing, is shipped with USPS First Class, along with International shipping options, this meticulously designed kit promises enthusiasts an unparalleled level of quality and authenticity.

Dealer inquiries welcome.

About BOKI Racing:

BOKI Racing is a leading name in the world of vintage RC racing, dedicated to serving the vintage RC community with top-quality products and unmatched customer service. With a passion for preserving the spirit of vintage RC racing, BOKI Racing continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the industry. Made in the USA.

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